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    Tascam Microphones and Mic Accessories 13 products


    Tascam TM-AR1 Reflection Filter

    NEW $139.99

    The Tascam TM-AR1 Microphone Reflection Filter allows you to take the room out of your recordings. Designed to minimize reflections and unwanted room ambience, the Tascam TM-AR1 helps to manage what your microphone hears, giving you more control over your finished tracks. >More


    Tascam TM-80 Large Diaphragm Condenser

    NEW $69.99

    A cardioid condenser mic is the perfect all-around mic for vocal and instrument recording, and the unidirectional pickup pattern keeps the recording from sounding too ambient. The Tascam TM-80 has an 18mm aluminum diaphragm and a wide frequency response. With a maximum sound pressure rating of 136dB SPL, you can safely use the TM-80 with guitar amps, drums and other loud instruments. >More


    Tascam TM-AM1 Tripod Boom Mic Stand

    NEW $59.99

    Ideal for studio or stage, the TASCAM TM-AM1 is a lightweight, yet sturdy microphone stand which features a folding tripod base, adjustable boom arm and extendable secondary boom. >More


    Tascam TM-Drums 4-Piece Drum Mic Kit

    NEW $149.99

    The Tascam TM-Drums 4-Piece Drum Microphone Kit has been created to provide the recording or live sound engineer with everything required to capture a truly inspiring soundscape. This kit includes a Kick Mic, a Snare Mic and 2 verhead Condenser mics. >More


    Tascam TM-AM2 Broadcast-Style Mic Stand

    NEW $57.99

    Perfect for broadcast, podcast or YouTube, the TASCAM TM-AM2 is a professional quality scissor arm microphone boom. Easily mounted to virtually any workspace, the TM-AM2 makes it easy to position your vocal mic in the perfect orientation. >More


    Tascam TM-280 Large Diaphragm Studio Mic

    NEW $249.99

    Tascam's TM-280 Studio Condenser Microphone has been designed to capture each and every nuance of your performance faithfully and accurately. Featuring a switchable high pass filter and a 10dB pad, this large diaphragm condenser microphone is sensitive enough for the most demanding acoustic sessions while being robust enough to handle the most powerful rock and roll. >More


    Tascam TM-95GN Gooseneck Condenser Mic

    NEW $99.99
    NON-NEW $89.95

    Perfect for Podium or Podcast, the TM-95GN microphone uses a condenser microphone element known for its ability to capture the subtle nuances of speech. >More


    Tascam TM-AG1 Microphone Pop Filter

    NEW $29.99

    The Tascam TM-AG1 Microphone Pop Filter will help you tame the most explosive vocal takes. Featuring an easily adjustable gooseneck, secure mounting bracket and a specially engineered dual-screen design >More


    Tascam TM-10L Lavalier Microphone

    NEW $89.99

    The ideal accessory for the industry leading Tascam DR-10L Bodypack Digital Recorder, the TM-10L is a replacement lavalier microphone that not only provides a backup for critical recoding jobs but also allows the recordist to select between a white and black microphone element. >More


    Tascam Series 8P Dyna Mic Preamp

    NEW $599.99

    With superb audio specifications, connectivity and featuring an outstanding microphone preamp, the Tascam series 8p Dyna is a great choice for both studio and stage. >More


    Tascam TM-2X X-Y Stereo Condenser Mic

    NEW $99.99

    The Tascam TM-2X X-Y Stereo Condenser Microphone is the perfect add on for your DSLR camera. The directional condenser microphones equipped on the TM-2X are the same mics used in our highly-regarded DR-series recorders. >More


    Tascam TMST1 Stereo Microphone

    NEW $39.99

    Tascam's TMST1 is a stereo microphone with stereo pattern switching. The recorder can select between 90 and 120 degree pickup to capture more ambience or to reduce background noise. The mid-side design captures a wide stereo field while maintaining a solid center image. >More


    Tascam TM-90BM Condenser Boundary Mic

    NEW $99.99

    Perfect for meeting rooms, podcasts, film production and studio work, the TASCAM TM-90BM Boundary Microphone provides a low profile option for many common audio recording tasks. >More

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