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    Clayton USA Garage Band Guitar Picks

    NEW $0.99 - $9.99

    Have you ever wanted to jam and your friend doesn't have a pick, or a pick they really like? Well Clayton has a solution for you! Each box of Garage Band picks contains over 100 mixed picks. Inside there are all kinds of different gauges, colors, and shapes. >More


    Clayton Cork Grip Guitar Picks

    NEW $3.50

    This retro favorite has been around for over half a century. The cushioning piece of cork really lets you gain control of your guitar pick, giving you the ability to keep your pick from sliding off of your finger. >More


    Clayton USA Phat Tone Guitar Picks

    NEW $5.80 - $5.99

    Designed specifically for bass players! The Clayton Phat-Tone was designed to provide bass players the feel and tone your fingers produce. It is a dual durometer (hardness) guitar pick having a soft outer rubber with a ridged inner core. >More


    Clayton Duraplex Standard Guitar Picks

    NEW $1.99

    Duraplex has been in the guitar pick market for years. What sets Clayton's Duraplex apart from others is that they use the highest form of the material to resist notching and give ultimate strength. >More


    Clayton Alaia Wood Guitar Picks

    NEW $4.99

    These unique wooden Alaia picks will amaze you with their beauty. Each pick had 3 different kinds of wood pieced together to create a beautiful striped pattern. The multiple woods come together to crate a harmonious tone. Contains maple, paddock, and sheesham woods. >More


    Clayton Susan Heidi Pin Ups Guitar Picks

    NEW $4.99

    Clayton's Susan Heidi Pin-Ups guitar picks on durable Acetal material are sure to impress. Each beautifully designed pick features pin-up artwork by artist Susan Heidi. >More


    Clayton Exotic Fuse Guitar Picks

    NEW $6.99

    Clayton Exotic Fuse guitar picks fuse together exotic woods to create a beautiful harmonious tone. Each pick is hand-made and crafted to perfection. >More


    Clayton USA Acetal Polymer Guitar Picks

    NEW $3.99

    Strength is key to the ultimate performance, with that in mind Clayton USA created Acetal/Polymer Guitar Picks. The composition of these picks offers just enough stiffness to give those killer power chords, but has just enough give so that strings aren't busting left and right. >More


    Clayton Frostbyte Guitar Picks

    NEW $3.99

    Get ahold of Frost-Byte picks and listen to your playing sound cooler than ever! Made of nylon with a grip so amazing, it will feel like your pick is frozen onto your fingers! >More


    Clayton Paddock Wood Guitar Picks

    NEW $4.50

    Paddock picks create warm, loud and earthy tones off of your strings. The wood grain runs vertically down each pick to ensure strength and durability during play. >More


    Clayton USA Guitar Pick Test Pack

    NEW $1.19

    Try out six different picks and "pick" a favorite! Each variety pack is great for trying out several different picks all in one pack. All picks are medium to medium-heavy gauges. >More


    Clayton zz Zinc Guitar Pick

    NEW $4.99

    Clayton zz-Zinc Standard Metal guitar picks are crafted out of genuine zinc alloy metal. Their heavy mass and metal composition will produce tones that are clear and high, as well as a punchy bass with unprecedented volume. >More


    Clayton Wedge Wood Guitar Picks

    NEW $4.50

    Wedge Wood is a beautiful wood featuring black stripes against a rich brown background. Wedge wood creates a strikingly bright sound against your strings. Each pick is handmade to ensure all edges are smoothed to perfection. >More

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