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    ROLI Seaboard Rise 49 USB MIDI Keyboard

    NEW $1,199.95 - $1,299.98
    NON-NEW $1,019

    The acclaimed Seaboard RISE is now available as a 49-keywave controller with a four-octave playing surface. The Seaboard RISE 49 extends the possibilities of the breakthrough music device of the year. >More


    ROLI Songmaker Kit Bundle

    NEW $649.95

    The ROLI Songmaker Kit gives you everything you need to create your track anywhere. Combine the expressive power of the Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block M, and Loop Block, and make your music with a kit that's more than the sum of its parts. >More


    ROLI Seaboard Rise 25 USB MIDI Keyboard

    NEW $839.94 - $849.99
    NON-NEW $629.95

    Seaboard RISE 25 is the world's first truly accessible expressive MIDI controller. It establishes a new standard in music-making devices by combining the intimacy of acoustic instruments with the versatility of electronic music. >More


    ROLI Seaboard Block Bluetooth Controller

    NEW $349.95
    NON-NEW $253.95

    Create astonishingly expressive music on a next-generation keyboard. Seaboard Block replaces a traditional keyboard with a soft, pressure-responsive surface that lets you touch and shape your sound. Play a powerful standalone instrument -- and extend its power by connecting to other Blocks. >More


    ROLI Songmaker Kit Garage Band Edition

    NEW $649.95
    NON-NEW $584.95

    The ROLI Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition combines the power of ROLI’s Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block, and Loop Block — then plugs them in to Logic Pro X and GarageBand, two of the world’s most popular DAWs. >More


    ROLI Lightpad Block M Controller

    NEW $199.95

    Lightpad M is the updated version of ROLI's award-winning Lightpad Block. Its redesigned interface allows for even more precise and expressive playing. Dimpled with 225 micro- keywaves, the Lightpad Block enhances the extraordinary tactile feedback of the original for an altogether more responsive playing experience. >More


    ROLI Beatmaker Kit

    NEW $299.95
    NON-NEW $269.95

    Take your beat-making to the next level with ROLI Beatmaker Kit, an expressive and portable music studio. The Beatmaker Kit centres on the Lightpad Block, ROLI’s next generation drum pad controller, and adds the Loop Block. >More


    ROLI Live Block Bluetooth Controller

    NEW $149.95
    NON-NEW $127.95

    The ROLI Live Block makes it easier to perform. The buttons let you switch scales and octaves, play chords and arpeggios, and sustain notes in real time. >More


    ROLI Loop Block Bluetooth Contoller

    NEW $149.95

    The Loop Block makes it easier to record a song. The buttons helps you set your tempo, record loops, and quantize your loops so they run in time with the beat. >More


    ROLI Touch Block Bluetooth Controller

    NEW $149.95

    Take full control over the five dimensions of touch of your Lightpad Block and Seaboard Block, and change the way each instrument responds to touch. >More


    ROLI Snapcase Duo Case for Blocks

    NEW $49.95

    The ROLI Snapcase Duo is a stylish accessory designed to protect and transport two Lightpad Blocks, or a Lightpad Block with a Loop Block and a Live Block. >More


    ROLI Snapcase Solo Case for Blocks

    NEW $39.95

    The ROLI Snapcase Solo is a stylish accessory designed to protect and transport a Lightpad Block. >More


    ROLI Lightpad Block Bluetooth Controller

    NON-NEW $122.95

    The ROLI Lightpad Block is the centre of your modular music studio. On its pressure-responsive surface you shape music in powerfully expressive ways using simple gestures. >More


    ROLI Flip Case for Seaboard Rise 25

    NEW $109.95

    Seaboard RISE Flip Case helps you express yourself visually as well as musically. It's designed to protect your Seaboard RISE 25 and to act as a stand too. >More

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