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    Planet Waves ProWinder Peg Winder

    NEW $10.99

    The ultimate restringing tool. Unlike ordinary peg winders, the patented Pro-Winder is a high-quality peg winder with a built-in clipper and a bridgepin puller. >More


    Planet Waves American Stage Cable

    NEW $29.99 - $37.99

    Planet Waves American Stage Series cables are designed to reproduce the natural tones of your instrument with zero interference. Made in the USA with audiophile quality wire, the low 28pF/ft capacitance is the sweet-spot for uncolored tone and the 22AWG oxygen-free copper conductor provides exceptional signal transfer. >More


    Planet Waves Eclipse Headstock Tuner

    NEW $10.99 - $12.99

    Affordable no longer means compromise. Introducing the D'Addario Eclipse Tuner--the modestly-priced tuner with unparalleled performance. The Eclipse chromatic clip-on tuner offers fast, accurate chromatic tuning on and off the stage. >More


    Planet Waves Varigrip Hand Exerciser

    NEW $14.99

    Designed to develop and maintain the strength and dexterity of your fingers, hands, and forearms, the Planet Waves Varigrip features an ergonomic design and variable tension that is customizable for each individual finger. >More


    Planet Waves Padded Comfort Guitar Strap

    NEW $19.95

    The Planet Waves Padded Comfort guitar strap is a 3-inch (74mm) wide tubular strap with an internal pad. Available only in black, it's perfect for heavy bass guitars. >More


    Planet Waves DIY Solderless Cable Kit

    NEW $79.99

    With the Planet Waves DIY Solderless Cable Kit, you can custom cut cable to suit your pedal board's layout. The plugs and cables in this kit are specially designed for quick and reliable assembly, simply cut, twist and screw and you're done. >More


    Planet Waves Planet Lock Poly Strap

    NEW $12.95

    Planet Waves' patented design Planet Lock system fits virtually any guitar and stays locked in place until you release the side pin. Unlike ordinary strap lock systems, Planet Lock is designed to fit securely on your guitar's existing end pins, so there is no need to change the hardware on your guitar. >More


    Planet Waves PW-CGTPRA-03 Patch Cable

    NEW $8.99

    Planet Waves Classic Series instrument cables provide the ultimate in quality and value. This 3-foot cable offers a great value when patch cables are needed for pedalboard setup. >More


    Planet Waves American Stage Cable

    NEW $33.99

    Planet Waves American Stage Instrument Cable with Straight to Right Angle Ends are designed to reproduce the natural tones of your instrument with zero interference.` >More


    Planet Waves Modular Snake System

    NEW $24.99 - $39.99

    This is the DB-25 male to DB-25 male Core Cable from Planet Waves' Modular Snake System. >More


    Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Cable

    NEW $24.99 - $29.99

    The Circuit Breaker instrument cable with Latching Cut-Off Switch has the same solder-less plug connection as its predecessor, but features an actuated "kill switch" that allows for noise-free instrument changes. Press the switch once to mute the signal to the amplifier completely. Press again to reactivate the signal flow. Available in straight and right angle plugs in a variety of lengths. >More


    Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Angled Plug

    NEW $29.95 - $39.95

    D'Addario Circuit Breaker Momentary Mute cables feature an integrated mute switch that prevents loud pops or squeals when unplugging your instrument. Simply press and hold the button to activate the mute function, and unplug. When you're plugged in and ready to go, release the button to reactivate sound. >More


    Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Cable

    NEW $23.99 - $27.99

    The Circuit Breaker instrument cable with Latching Cut-Off Switch has the same solder-less plug connection as its predecessor, but features an actuated "kill switch" that allows for noise-free instrument changes. >More


    Planet Waves Humidipak Humidifier

    NEW $24.95

    The Planet Waves Humidipak Humidity Control System is the first two-way humidity control that maintains a constant 45% relative humidity level. The patented Planet Waves Humidipak completely eliminates all the guesswork and anxiety of maintaining your instrument's proper humidity level. No more guessing if or when to refill the humidifier and worrying about drips or mess. Unlike all refillable humidifiers, the Humidipak provides true "two-way" purified humidity control since it adds or depletes moisture only as needed to maintain 45% RH - the ideal climate for wooden instruments. >More


    Planet Waves Modular Snake Breakouts

    NEW $69.99

    Planet Waves breakouts for the Modular Snake System are available with different standard termination ends. Multiple breakout options allow for custom cables without buying a whole assortment of individual snakes. >More


    Planet Waves NS Micro Headstock Tuner

    NEW $26.99

    While the features grew, the size of the NS Mini just got smaller...introducing the NS Micro Headstock Tuner. The NS Micro offers improved accuracy, faster response, expanded calibration range, visual metronome mode and an improved ratchet design. >More


    Planet Waves Chromatic Headstock Tuner

    NEW $19.99

    Planet Waves' Chromatic Headstock Tuner precisely tunes guitars, basses and many other stringed instruments utilizing the instrument's vibrations rather than sound - no direct sound or electronic signal is required. Using an optimally positioned, highly sensitive piezo transducer and backlit LCD display, the Headstock Tuner allows you to tune quickly and accurately in noisy or dimly-lit environments where many tuners fail. The compact, lightweight design doesn't add cumbersome mass to your instrument and delivers clear viewing from any angle. Simply clip on and tune up! >More


    Planet Waves Acoustic Humidifying System

    NEW $8.95

    The Planet Waves Guitar Humidifying System protects your guitars from damage even in the driest conditions. >More


    Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable

    NEW $9.95 - $12.99

    Featuring Planet Waves' exclusive In = Out(TM) technology, Planet Waves Classic Series cables offer extremely low capacitance for pure signal transparency. Classic Series cables feature nickel-plated plugs, ultra-pure oxygen-free copper conductors, dense shielding that virtually eliminates tribo-electric (handling) noise, and molded strain relief for ultimate durability. All Planet Waves cables are guaranteed for life! >More


    Planet Waves PWSH01 Soundhole Plug

    NEW $7.99

    Feedback is a major problem caused by a variety of sources, including microphone placement and overdriven PAs and amps. The problem is particularly common when electrifying the acoustic guitar. In order to hear the instrument properly in a band context, the guitarist must increase the volume sometimes to the dismay of the other members. Accordingly, Planet Waves has introduced a feedback remedy for acoustic guitars: the Screeching Halt. >More


    Planet Waves NS Guitar Capo

    NEW $16.95

    The Planet Waves NS Capo is the product of an ongoing collaboration between famed product designer Ned Steinberger and J. D'Addario & Company. It employs a sleek, ultra-light design for fast and accurate one hand positioning on the guitar's neck. Just turn the smooth, tactile dial to eliminate the string buzzing and enjoy perfect, in-tune performance. Lightweight aluminum adds virtually no weight to the guitar's neck when in use. >More


    D'Addario PW-HPHT-01 Humidikit Bundle

    NEW $69.99

    The D'Addario Humidikit all-in-one humidification maintenance and monitoring system gives you everything you need to ensure your instrument stays safe and playable. >More


    Planet Waves NS Micro

    NEW $14.95

    The tuner features a reversible screen, multi-color display and metronome in a housing that blends with the aesthetics of any instrument. It's so small, convenient and accurate, you'll want one for every instrument you own! >More


    Planet Waves NS Capo Lite

    NEW $9.95

    The Planet Waves NS Capo Lite is made from high-strength molded ABS thermoplastic for use on acoustic and electric 6 string guitars. A patented micrometer adjustment mechanism allows the player to dial in the exact tension needed for your guitar, strings and playing position. >More


    Planet Waves NS Tri-Action Guitar Capo

    NEW $18.95

    The Planet Waves NS Tri-Action capo in black assures buzz-free, in-tune performance at any fret. The patent-pending Tri-Action geometry reduces the force required to open and close the capo and applies even tension regardless of neck profile. >More


    Planet Waves Acoustic Cinch Fit Lock

    NEW $14.99

    The D'Addario Acoustic Cinch Fit is the fast and easy way to attach your strap to acoustic guitars with endpin output jacks. Endpin jacks are notorious for creating hassles when applying and removing standard guitar straps, and usually require modification to the strap which results in a less-than-desirable fit. >More


    Planet Waves Gaffers Tape

    NEW $16.99

    Gaffers Tape is a go-to for all live and studio musicians. The last thing a player wants is to be tripping over loose power cords in the studio on stage. The D'Addario Professional Gaffers Tape is residue-free and non-reflective so it will discretely hide cord clutter without leaving a mess behind. >More


    Planet Waves Humidipak Standard Refill

    NEW $14.99

    One of the great features of the Planet Waves Humidipak is that it tells you when you need to replace the humidifier packettes by becoming firm to the touch. The Humidipak system allows you to keep your wooden instrument at a constant 45% relative humidity level. Pride in ownership goes beyond simply protecting an instrument's investment value through thoughtful care. Ideally, you create an atmosphere where old friends age gracefully. You can help your instruments maintain their voice and character. You can preserve their warmth and presence. There's never a wrong time to do the right thing. Planet Waves products help musicians act on their good intentions. >More


    Planet Waves PW-ECT-10 Cable Ties

    NEW $8.99

    These Planet Waves cable ties are for 1/4-inch diameter cables and power cords. Planet Waves elastic cable ties are the perfect solution for keeping your cables neat and in proper working order. >More


    Planet Waves Microfiber Polishing Cloth

    NEW $6.49

    The Planet Waves Micro-Fiber polishing cloth acts like a magnet for dust, dirt, and oils, and lasts considerably longer than ordinary cloths. Woven from microscopic fibers, the Planet Waves Micro-Fiber Cloth is 10 times finer than silk, up to 30 times finer than cotton, and 100 times finer than a human hair. >More


    Planet Waves PWCT13 NS Micro Universal

    NEW $17.99

    The Planet Waves NS Micro Universal Tuner is a feature-packed tuner designed to be seen at any angle. This headstock tuner features a reversible, multi-color display and visual metronome in a compact design. >More


    Planet Waves PW-GSP Gel Shoulder Pad

    NEW $14.99

    The Planet Waves PW-GSP Gel Shoulder Pad is designed for players of all genres. This gel pad fits over most fabric guitar straps and relieves playing discomfort for especially with heavier guitars and basses. >More


    Planet Waves Bass ProWinder Peg Winder

    NEW $10.99

    Planet Waves bass pro peg winder is the ultimate restringing tool, resized for bass guitar tuning keys. Unlike ordinary peg winders, the patented Pro-Winder is a high-quality peg winder with a built-in clipper, built extra-strong to cut through bass strings with ease. Ergonomically designed with hardened tool steel wire cutters, the Pro-Winder with built-in clipper is the ALL-IN-ONE bass restringing tool. >More


    Planet Waves Celluloid Thumb Picks

    NEW $3.59

    The Planet Waves Celluloid Thumb Picks are produced from the highest quality celluloid which is one of the most popular guitar pick materials today. These picks provide a natural feel and warm, fat tone. >More


    Planet Waves PWEEP202 Elliptical End Pin

    NEW $8.99

    The Planet Waves Elliptical End Pin was designed to secure the strap to your guitar without any bulky hardware or dedicating a strap to a specific guitar. The elliptical shape combines function and style by locking your strap in place while complementing the aesthetics of any guitar or bass. >More


    Planet Waves Headstand Changing Stand

    NEW $9.95

    Stabilizes guitars during string-changes. Designed to gently and securely support the guitar, The Headstand makes the string changing process hassle-free. The compact size and collapsibility allow you to store The Headstand in your case, so it's there whenever you need it. >More


    Planet Waves Quick Release System

    NEW $6.99

    The patented Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Strap Quick-Release System converts your favorite strap into a quick-release strap. It takes just seconds to set up. Just loop one end of the quick release buckle under your strings around the headstock. Loop the other end of the buckle through the end of your strap. Just squeeze the quick-release and you're free. >More


    Planet Waves XLR8 String Lubricant

    NEW $5.95

    The Planet Waves XLR8 is the fast and easy string lubricant and cleaner. XLR8 removes friction for faster playing while at the same time cleans your strings for prolonged life and fresh string tone. >More


    Planet Waves PW-CP-12 NS Capo Pro

    NEW $16.99

    Designed specifically for ukuleles, the Planet Waves PW-CP-12 NS Ukulele Capo Pro assures buzz-free, in-tune performance at any fret. A micrometer adjustment mechanism allows you to dial in the exact tension needed for clear ringing notes without excessive force in any position on the neck. >More

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