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    Lighting Truss, Stands, and Hardware 39 products


    ADJ Pro Event IBeam Truss

    NEW $239.99

    Use the ADJ Aluminum I-Beam truss for the Pro Event Table and Pro Event Table II to hang lighting fixtures such as light weight par cans, wash fixtures, effect lights or small moving heads. >More


    Odyssey LTMTS1PRO Crank-Up Truss

    NEW $269.99

    Odyssey's LTMTS1PRO is a portable 10-foot span aluminum/steel constructed crank truss sytsem makes it that much easier to get your lighting up and running in no time. Utilizing an ingenious internal gear system rather than cables not only makes it safer to use but makes for worry free use for years and years. Full cranking height reaches 8.5 feet and can handle an evenly spread load of 200 lbs. >More


    On-Stage LS7730 Light Stand with Truss

    NEW $189.95

    The On-Stage LS7730 lighting stands with truss is a low-cost alternative that can hold a total of 16 PAR cans! LS7730 includes two tripod base lighting stands with 3 section shafts, T-bars, and two 5 feet Truss sections. Easy assembly for traveling musicians, the On-Stage LS7730 comes with screw on plastic brackets and thumb screws which allow for quick height adjustments. >More


    Gator GFW-AV-LCD-25 Deluxe AV Stand

    NEW $189.99

    Get set up quick and easy with the Gator GFW-AV-LCD-25 Deluxe Piston-Driven AV Stand. >More


    Odyssey LTP6 Tripod Lighting Stand

    NEW $49.99

    Odyssey's black high-quality 9 ft. black tripod features an extendable height and T-bar. >More


    Odyssey LTMTS8 Portable Truss System

    NEW $119.99
    NON-NEW $101.95

    Odyssey's LTMTS8 eight feet wide, lightweight mobile truss system is constructed from 1" pipe. Made extra compact and light so it's easier on you back and to store, but still strong and high for those essential LED lighting effects for your mobile gig. >More


    Gator GFW-AV-LCD-1 Standard Tripod Stand

    NEW $109.99

    The Gator GFW-AV-LCD-1 Standard Tripod LCD/LED Stand features a universal VESA mount is designed so that it may stay mounted to the screen at all times for easy removal and replace on the fly. >More


    On-Stage FPS6000 Flat Screen Mount

    NEW $98.95

    The On-Stage FPS6000 is a high performance, highly portable, and highly affordable solution for production companies, sound contractors, DJ's, tradeshow presenters, and anyone else needing mobile video. >More


    American DJ O-Clamp Truss Clamp

    NEW $5.99

    The O-Clamp from ADJ is a 360-degree clamp that wraps around truss tubing. It's designed to securely mount fixtures to truss. Mount your lighting with this 360-degree, wrap-around tube truss clamp. It's heavy-duty and can fit 1.5-inch to 2-inch width pipes. O-Clamps are made of molded plastic so as not to scratch the finish on your lighting truss. >More


    ADJ Color Stand LED Lighted Stand

    NEW $119.99

    The ADJ LTS Color is a lighting T-Bar stand with LED lighting built into the tripod legs. >More


    Odyssey LTP2 Tripod Lighting Stand

    NEW $69.99

    Our LTP2 black high-quality 12 ft. aluminum/steel constructed tripod lighting stand comes with one T-bar with support bars and hanging bolts. Also available in all white (LTP2WHT). >More


    Hercules LS700B Gear Up Lighting Stand

    NEW $279.99

    The HERCULES Gear Up Lighting Stand LS700B features the Quick-N-EZ Gear Up System, a square T-bar with clip for easy mounting, and dual-braced tripod leg construction. >More


    On-Stage LS7720BLT Lighting Stand

    NEW $127.95 - $155.95

    This classic stand allows for maximum height adjustments and will support up to 8 PAR cans. >More


    On-Stage LS7805QIK Power Crank-Up Stand

    NEW $175.95

    Quick, convenient set up, sleek and super stable, the LS7805QIK takes portable lighting stands to the next level. >More


    Gator Frameworks GFW-AV-LCD-15 Stand

    NEW $164.99

    The Gator Frameworks GFW-AV-LCD-15 is an easily adjustable stand for 65-Inch TVs and features a Universal Mount. >More


    On-Stage LTA8700 u-Mount Lighting Clamp

    NEW $18.95

    All the ease and convenience of the u-mount clamp is now available for your lighting fixtures. The keyed pressure pad of the LTA8770 will never rotate, meaning your lighting bars won't be marred by bolts like other designs. >More


    Gator GFW-AV-LCD-2 Deluxe Tripod LCD/LED

    NEW $144.99
    NON-NEW $123.95

    The Gator Frameworks GFW-AV-LCD-2 is a deluxe tripod stand with an adjustable LCD/LED mount that includes a Lift EEZ Piston. >More


    ADJ CL250 Heavy-Duty Steel Clamp

    NEW $19.99

    The ADJ CL250 is a professional heavy duty steel clamp that securely wraps around a 2-inch truss pipe. >More


    American DJ F4 Par Bag

    NEW $37.99

    The American DJ Accu-Case F4 Par Bag is soft padded transport bags designed to carry any type of modern flat par fixtures. The bag is divided into four compartments, so as to keep your fixtures separate and well-protected, and the padded material offers further reassurance that your units won't be damaged. >More


    Gator GFW-LIGHTMH250-25 Light Stand

    NEW $189.99

    This Gator GFW-LIGHTMH250-25 is a Frameworks Moving Head Light Auto Lift Quad Stand that is great for fixtures in the 250 Class. >More


    American DJ LTS1 Lighting Stand

    NEW $84.95

    The American DJ LTS1 Lighting Stand is a high quality, durable stand that is lightweight and easy to transport. Crafted from high quality aluminum, the LTS1 has a load capacity of over 100 pounds, making it the perfect choice for any mobile lighting application. >More


    Ultimate Support LT-99BL Lighting Tree

    NEW $199.99

    The LT Series lighting tree and accessories from Ultimate Support are amazingly durable and sturdy, yet lightweight and affordable. The LT-99BL is a turn-key lighting support system that features over-sized heavy wall aluminum tubing and extra height. >More


    On-Stage LSA7700P Accessory Arms

    NEW $39.95

    Utilizing the proven elliptical enveloping clamp design found on u-mount series products, the On-Stage LSA7700P U-mount Lighting Stand Accessory Arms gives you the ability to add a pair of brace-less mounts instantly to any standard lighting or speaker stand. >More


    Ultimate Support LT-48FP Fly Point Bar

    NEW $59.99

    The Ultimate Support LT-48FP gives you an affordable, secure way to add a lighting tree to your existing speaker rig. >More


    On-Stage FPS5000 Flat Screen Stand

    NEW $119.95

    The On-Stage FPS5000 is a portable, lightweight, flat screen monitor stand. >More


    Gator Frameworks GFW-LIGHT-LS1 Stand

    NEW $109.99

    The Gator Frameworks GFW-LIGHT-LS1 Lighting Stand features heavy-duty, four-foot top T-Bar arms for mounting a wide array of lighting effects. >More


    Gator GFW-LIGHTMH250-15 Light Stand

    NEW $164.99

    This Gator Frameworks GFW-LIGHTMH250-15 Moving Head Light Stand elevates smaller class moving head lights and is suited for fixtures up to the 250 class. >More


    American DJ OSlim 2 Pearl O-Clamp

    NEW $5.99

    The American DJ O Slim 2 Clamp is designed to fit in-between the "V" shaped truss braces where larger size clamps will not fit. It can also be used like a traditional ADJ O-Clamp to hang smaller fixtures under 28 lbs./13 kg. >More


    On-Stage FPS7400 LCD Flatscreen Truss

    NEW $249.95

    Ideal for DJs, Karaoke, Educational Facilities and other mobile display/performance needs. The five-foot steel truss piece attaches to a pair of tripod stands that adjust from 62.75" to 88.5" in height. >More


    Odyssey LTP1 Lighting Tripod Stand

    NEW $89.99

    Odyssey's LTP1 black high-quality 12 ft. black aluminum/steel constructed tripod comes with 1 T-bar, 2 side bars and support bars. >More


    On-Stage LTA4770 Lighting Clamp

    NEW $20.95

    Clean up your act! The LTA4770 is an easy to use lighting clamp that includes a built in cable management system. No more drooping cables or Velcro strips. >More


    American DJ SCABLE 60 Lighting Cable

    NEW $5.95

    Along with a clamp American DJ strongly suggest that you use a safety cable, such as the American DJ SCABLE 60 Lighting Safety Cable, for each lighting fixture to gain added security. >More


    On-Stage FPS7000 LCD Flatscreen Truss

    NEW $209.95

    Ideal for DJs, Karaoke, Educational Facilities and other mobile display/performance needs. The five-foot steel truss piece attaches to a pair of tripod stands that adjust from 62.75" to 88.5" in height. The mounting bracket holds TV sizes from 40" to 70" and up to 95 lbs. in weight. >More


    American DJ DuraClamp for LightBridge 1

    NEW $2.95

    The American DJ DuraClamp Lighting Clamp for Dura Truss System is designed to secure lighting fixtures under 20 lbs. to Dura Truss systems such as the American DJ Light Bridge truss stand. >More


    On-Stage MY900 Ceiling Bar

    NEW $39.95

    The On-Stage MY900 Ceiling Bar, complete with mounting brackets and four 5/8" - 27 sliding lugs, facilitates overhead deployment of lights, mics, cameras and more from almost any previously underutilized overhead surface. >More


    On-Stage LTA6880 Heavy Duty Clamp

    NEW $15.95

    Combining high weight capacity and a low profile design, the LTA6880 is a pro level truss clamp for heavy lighting fixtures. Its extruded aluminum construction features a theater-friendly black anodized finish and reduces potential marring of truss and pipe. A steel hex bolt secures the clamp solidly with plenty of tool access for easy tightening and loosening. >More


    On-Stage LTA4880 Lighting Clamp

    NEW $21.95

    Clean up your act! The LTA4880 is an easy to use lighting clamp that includes a built in cable management system. No more drooping cables or Velcro strips. With the LTA4880, your lighting stands look clean, tidy, and professional. >More


    On-Stage LS7720 Quick-Connect U-mount

    NEW $138.95

    The On-Stage LS7720QIK is the first lighting stand to utilize the u-mount Mounting System. With its patented elliptical enveloping clamp, the u-mount system is the fastest, most secure way to erect and dismantle lightweight portable lighting arrays. >More


    ADJ AV6RB2 Rigging Bar for AV6X Video Pa

    NEW $219.99
    NON-NEW $186.95

    The ADJ AV6RB2 is a single panel rigging bar for the ADJ AV6 and AV6X video panels -- up to 20 panels maximum in one vertical hang. It features an adjustable eye bolt to avoid truss cross bars. >More

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