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    LR Baggs Anthem Internal Tru-Mic Pickup

    NEW $299

    After 30 years of effort LR Baggs have done the very thing that every amplified acoustic guitarist has dreamed about and the very thing that no other pickup manufacturer has been capable of--unlocking the potential of a microphone to capture the very essence of your guitar with high feedback resistance for demanding stages. >More


    LR Baggs Venue D.I. Acoustic Preamp

    NEW $299

    Clean up your stage and your sound with the LR Baggs Venue D.I. Combining the features of at least three foot pedal boxes into one pro box, the Venue DI brings a new level of fidelity, confidence and usefulness to performing acoustic musicians. The Venue DI is the most comprehensive and best sounding tool ever to tame the surliest stage. >More


    LR Baggs Active Magnetic Pickup

    NEW $199

    The LR Baggs M1 Active is a body-sensitive soundhole magnetic pickup designed to fill large arenas and cut through the mix on a loud stage without feeding back. Plug in, and you will quickly find that it has never been easier to get a superior live sound from your acoustic guitar! >More


    LR Baggs Lyric Acoustic Guitar Pickup

    NEW $199

    There's no argument that a mic is the best way to capture the sound of an acoustic guitar, but until now, using a mic for most live performances has been an elusive dream. LR Baggs' Lyric, the next step in Tru-Mic technology, is the long overdue realization of this dream. Without a pickup, Lyric's microphone accurately transports your guitar's actual voice to a live audience for the most realistic and inspiring sound you will ever experience. >More


    LR Baggs Align Session Compressor Pedal

    NEW $179

    Inspired by the LR Baggs Handcrafted Video Sessions and our experience in some of Nashville's great studios, the Align Session brings our signature studio sound to your live rig. Session circuitry enhances your acoustic pickup and imparts the rich sonic character that you'd expect from an experienced audio engineer using some of the world's finest studio gear. >More


    LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI Guitar Preamp

    NEW $199

    The Para Acoustic D.I. is a studio quality direct box combined with a feature packed, state-of-the-art preamp and equalizer. The proprietary Quasi-Passive EQ circuitry is totally transparent and allows control over voicing without sacrificing tone - a big advance over conventional equalizers. >More


    LR Baggs Align Reverb Pedal

    NEW $179

    The Align Reverb was built from the ground up to complement the natural body dynamics and warmth of acoustic instruments that we love so much. The circuit seamlessly integrates the wet and dry signals with the effect in side chain so that it never overwhelms the original signal. >More


    LR Baggs M1 Acoustic Guitar Pickup

    NEW $159

    The M1 is a passive sound-hole magnetic pickup that features outstanding body sensitivity with great warmth and presence. Its dual-coil design employs L.R. Baggs' exclusive TriAxial Dynamic Technology to produce clear, rich tones that are resistant to feedback, noise and hum, with string and body sound all in one. >More


    LR Baggs Banjo Pickup

    NEW $169

    The LR Baggs Banjo Pickup was created from the enormous popularity of so many of LR Baggs other instrument pickups. As an integral part of the bridge, the pickup captures inherent characteristics of the instrument fluently at the source without altering any acoustic properties. >More


    LR Baggs Align Equalizer Preamp EQ Pedal

    NEW $179

    Based on the circuit of the esteemed Para Acoustic DI, the Align Equalizer combines our signature, high-graded FET gain stage with powerful tone-shaping EQ that injects richness and balance to any acoustic pickup signal. >More


    LR Baggs Align Active DI Pedal

    NEW $159

    Building upon decades of experience creating studio-quality gear for the stage, the Align Active DI is the embodiment of LR Baggs engineering at its highest level and uses the most pristine circuitry LR Baggs has developed in a DI. >More


    LR Baggs Gigpro Acoustic Guitar Preamp

    NEW $129

    The Gigpro is a single-channel belt clip preamp that will work with most pickups. It also provides 9V phantom power for mini-mics and other phantom powered onboard electronics. LR Baggs has pared the features down to the bare essentials but you will find everything you need to get the best sound possible from your pickup. >More


    LR Baggs iBeam Acoustic Guitar Pickup

    NEW $89.99

    This revolutionary bridge plate transducer easily sticks to the bridge plate on the inside of the guitar and does not affect the acoustic tone of the guitar in any way. >More


    LR Baggs iBeam Acoustic Pickup/Preamp

    NEW $149

    The LR Baggs iBeam Active pairs the iBeam with a pre-contoured, proprietary, all-discrete class A FET endpin preamp with soundhole volume control. The sweet and ultra-quiet audiophile-grade preamp faithfully amplifies every nuance of the pickup. >More


    LR Baggs Synapse Personal PA System

    NEW $1,999

    After decades of consistently raising the bar in acoustic amplification with the pickups and electronics LR Baggs have become known for, they are naturally compelled to add another level of quality to your sound by completing the chain from input to output. Introducing the LR Baggs Synapse Personal PA System the result from nearly four years of our most advanced engineering to date. >More


    LR Baggs Session VTC Acoustic Pickup

    NEW $199

    Inspired by the LR Baggs Handcrafted Video Sessions and their experience in some of Nashville’s great studios, the LR Baggs Session VTC Acoustic Guitar Pickup System was designed to impart the rich sonic character that you’d expect from an experienced audio engineer using some of the world’s finest studio gear. >More

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