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    Gibson Guitar Care Kit

    NEW $39.99

    Gibson has built a name not only with their guitars but also their fabulous instrument care products. This care kit is the perfect gift or self purchase for any player! >More


    Dunlop System 65 Guitar Care Kit

    NEW $22.99

    System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit contains one each of every one of Dunlop's guitar care products, along with instructions, microfine fret polishing cloth, and two 100% cotton cloths. Perfect for gift giving! >More


    Music Nomad MN207 Premium Mat and Cradle

    NEW $33.99

    Music Nomad has developed the perfect set up for working on your gear, the Premium Instrument Care Mat and Cradle Cube 5 angle neck support. >More


    Grundorf GMT-004 Guitar Maintenance Tbl

    NEW $119.95

    Now a compact version of the GMT-003 Guitar Maintenance Table sized just right for acoustic guitars! The GMT-004 folds in half to make it convenient for travel. >More


    GHS Fast Fret Stringer Cleaner

    NEW $6.99

    Just glide this on with its applicator and wipe it off with the provided lint-free cloth. It keeps your strings extremely clean and allows you to play faster. It also reduces excessive finger noise. >More


    Music Nomad F-ONE Fretboard Oil Cleaner

    NEW $8.49

    The Music Nomad F-ONE gives wood its life back. F-ONE is formulated using a complex mixture of the finest ultra refined tree and seed oils to clean, condition and protect your fretboard/fingerboard. 100% free of any lemon oil extracts, waxes, petroleum distillates, silicone, and water. >More


    D'Addario GHP Guitar Humidifier Pro

    NEW $18.99

    The D'Addario Humidifier Pro protects your guitar even in the driest conditions. Using a specialized hydrophilic sponge that holds 12X its dry weight in water (much more than ordinary sponge), the Humidifier Pro allows for longer periods between re-fills and increases protection in drier environments. >More


    Music Nomad MN144 Fretboard Care Kit

    NEW $24.99

    Music Nomad Total Fretboard Care Kit gives you all the products to restore, maintain and protect your frets and fretboard wood to give it that showroom look and feel. Start by using Music Nomad's FRINE fret polishing kit that will not only make bending and vibrato easier, but prolong your string life. >More


    Music Nomad MN143 Complete Guitar Care

    NEW $55.99

    Give your guitar some love with the Complete Guitar Care Kit. This kit as everything you need to keep a showroom shine and ready for your next gig. Music Nomad professional grade products are used in the factories at Taylor, Vigier, Tom Anderson and many others. And they smell great! >More


    Ernie Ball Polish Cloth for Guitar

    NEW $3.99

    The Ernie Ball Polish Cloth measures 14-1/2-inch x 16-inch and is made of Microfiber material to reduce dust and prevent scratches. >More


    Music Nomad The Humitar Humidifier

    NEW $14.99

    Acoustic guitar wood needs moisture to play and look its best. A dry guitar can warp, shrink and worse yet, crack! MusicNomad, the leader in equipment care products, has developed an easy to use, no mess and low maintenance guitar humidifier. >More


    Gibson Guitar Pump Polish and Cloth

    NEW $9.99

    The combination of Gibson's Pump Polish and the Standard Polish Cloth will keep your favorite guitars, banjos and mandolins looking, feeling and playing like new. >More


    Gibson Vintage Guitar Restoration Kit

    NEW $14.99

    With Gibson's Vintage Reissue Guitar Restoration Kit you'll be able to revitalize your guitar and bring it back to top form. This restoration kit includes premium fretboard conditioner, cream guitar polish, two Gibson polish cloths, low abrasion metal cleaner and a metal cleaner application brush. >More


    Martin 13WR0001 Truss Rod Wrench

    NEW $6.99

    Martin's 13WR0001 two way truss rod wrench can be used on both the two way adjustable rod necks or single adjustable rod. >More


    Meinl HCS Splash Cymbal

    NEW $23.99 - $29.99

    The Meinl HCS Splash Cymbal provides an immediate, cutting bright response. Its the perfect splash cymbal for fast accents. >More


    Planet Waves Humidipak Humidifier

    NEW $24.95

    The Planet Waves Humidipak Humidity Control System is the first two-way humidity control that maintains a constant 45% relative humidity level. The patented Planet Waves Humidipak completely eliminates all the guesswork and anxiety of maintaining your instrument's proper humidity level. No more guessing if or when to refill the humidifier and worrying about drips or mess. Unlike all refillable humidifiers, the Humidipak provides true "two-way" purified humidity control since it adds or depletes moisture only as needed to maintain 45% RH - the ideal climate for wooden instruments. >More


    Dunlop NC65 Form 65 Neck Cradle

    NEW $26.95

    The Maintenance Station Neck Cradle by Dunlop is a revolutionary guitar setup and repair aid that features a self-aligning cradle which rotates to provide full support to the back or front of the neck for increased stability during repairs. >More


    Dunlop Formula 65 Pump Polish (16 oz.)

    NEW $12.95

    Perfect for guitar techs, repair shops, and retail guitar stores use. Since Formula 65 works so efficiently, you'll need very little to clean each instrument. One pint-sized bottle keeps a whole room full of guitars clean for a year! >More


    Big Bends 1/2cc Guitar Nut Lubricant

    NEW $9.99

    Big Bends Nut Sauce is the Extreme Tuning Lubricant! Your guitar will remain in tune no matter how hard you bend your strings or yank your whammy bar. With the sauce, you won't have to tune between every song - they guarantee it! Nut Sauce will stop string breakage when applied to bridge or saddles. Nut Sauce stays where you put it; it won't drip or run on the fretboard or headstock. Once you try the sauce, you'll never play without it. >More


    Martin 18A0073 Polish and Cleaner

    NEW $11.99

    The Martin 18A0073 is a premium guitar polish and cleaner in one, saving time and money. Use at home the same product Martin Guitar craftsmen and women use to keep Martin guitars in pristine condition. >More


    Martin 18AHG Guitar Humidifier

    NEW $11.99

    Martin humidifiers are made from the finest materials available. The tubes are extruded from the finest non-vinyl and non-allergenic resin, soft enough not to exert pressure around the sound hole and sufficiently sturdy to minimize contact with the inside parts of the guitar. >More


    Music Nomad MN204 Nomad 2-Piece Tool Set

    NEW $12.99

    The innovatively designed and patented Nomad Tool, paired with the small yet powerful Nomad Slim is the perfect team to easily maintain the quality, sound and cleanliness of your equipment. >More


    Suede Instrument Polishing Cloth

    NEW $5.99

    MusicNomad's suede polishing cloth is made using a super soft, lint free construction and is the best way to clean your instrument. Their polish cloth is perfect for guitar care, fretboard care, string care, and any instrument care. >More


    Planet Waves Acoustic Humidifying System

    NEW $8.95

    The Planet Waves Guitar Humidifying System protects your guitars from damage even in the driest conditions. >More


    Ernie Ball Plush Microfiber Polish Cloth

    NEW $9.99

    The Ernie Ball Plush Microfiber Cloth is the ultimate cleaning cloth specially formulated with soft ultra-plush fibers that give safe, gentle and effective cleaning for your most prized and delicate instruments. >More


    Music Nomad MN152 Guitar Detailer

    NEW $20.99

    Nothing plays like a clean guitar. MusicNomad's detailer puts everything you need to care for your guitar in one easy spray and wipe product. It works great on both matte/satin & gloss finishes. A single spritz from our atomizer cleans fingerprints, dust & smudges on your guitar finish like no other product. >More


    Music Nomad Premium Guitar Care System

    NEW $29.99

    This 5-piece Music Nomad Premium Guitar Care System is the ultimate professional grade care kit that contains one each of their most popular items for premium care and maintenance. >More


    D'Addario PW-EGMK-01 Maintenance Kit

    NEW $79.99

    D'Addario Tool Kits are the convenient way to keep you instrument maintenance gear in one portable location. The sleek design keeps all products in place and ready to go when you need them. Available in Guitar Maintenance Kit, Bass Maintenance Kit, and Care/Cleaning Kit. >More


    Music Nomad MN224 Premium Spanner Wrench

    NEW $10.99

    Tightening and making adjustments to your gear just got a whole lot easier with Music Nomad's premium multi Spanner Wrench. Featuring high quality 100% stainless steel combined with precision cut teeth ensures a tight grip on those unique elements of your gear like toggle switches and adjustable bridge thumbwheels. >More


    D'Addario PW-HPHT-01 Humidikit Bundle

    NEW $69.99

    The D'Addario Humidikit all-in-one humidification maintenance and monitoring system gives you everything you need to ensure your instrument stays safe and playable. >More


    Music Nomad MN146 String Changing Kit

    NEW $59.99

    The Music Nomad MN146 5-Piece String Changing Kit gives you all the tools you need for the best string changing experience ever! >More


    Music Nomad MN271 Acousti-Lok

    NEW $19.99

    You can finally let go! Music Nomad's patent pending Acousti-Lok is a strap lock adapter that adds the safety & flexibility of using strap locks to your acoustic guitar without permanently modifying it. Designed to be used with Schaller style strap locks (not included), Acousti-Lok's strong solid brass construction gives you the security you have been looking for. >More


    Gibson Triple Juice Kit Guitar Care Kit

    NEW $9.99

    Gibson care products are designed to help keep your investment in top condition and appearance. >More


    Dunlop Body and Fingerboard Cleaning Kit

    NEW $12.95

    For the first time ever you can get Dunlop's two most popular maintenance products in one box. Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil and Formula 65 Polish are chosen by players and techs worldwide to keep their instruments in top shape, and it seemed only natural to package these two great products together. >More


    Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Mat

    NEW $12.99

    Get to work on your instrument without worrying about dinging or scratching it up. The System 65 Guitar Setup Mat is made from no-mar neoprene with thick padding to protect your guitar or bass while it's on the workbench. It's easy to clean, too, with tight webbing to keep debris from getting stuck in the fabric. >More


    Music Nomad All-In-One Tool

    NEW $8.99

    Music Nomad All-In-One Tool innovative design both extends the life and preserves the tone of strings, cleans the body and hardware without any cleaning solutions. The premium quality washable microfiber pad cleans on top AND underneath strings in seconds. >More


    Music Nomad MN306 Premium Humidity Care

    NEW $39.99

    Protecting your guitar just got easier. The ultimate Humidity Care System combines our two best sellers with our easy-to-use, no-mess, and low-maintenance guitar humidifier The Humitar, and The HumiReader a humidity and temperature monitor that is simple, accurate and reliable. >More


    Big Bends 1cc Guitar Nut Lubricant

    NEW $19.99

    The Big Bends Groove Luber is the perfect way to precisely apply Nut Sauce Guitar Nut Lubricant right where you need it. Big Bends Nut Sauce is the Extreme Tuning Lubricant. Your guitar will remain in tune no matter how hard you bend your strings or yank your whammy bar. With the sauce, you won't have to tune between every song -- they guarantee it. Nut Sauce will stop string breakage when applied to bridge or saddles. NUT SAUCE STAYS WHERE YOU PUT IT. It won't drip or run on the fretboard or headstock. Once you try the sauce, you'll never play without it. >More


    Gibson Guitar Polish Cloth

    NEW $4.99

    Keep your guitar looking fresh and clean with the Gibson Polish Cloth. Made from premium quality, double-happed brushed flannel, the Standard Polish Cloth will help you keep your instruments looking shiny and clean. Each cloth is made in the USA from 100% cotton. >More


    Gibson Guitar Pump Polish

    NEW $5.99

    Beautify and protect your guitar, banjo or mandolin with the World's finest Gibson Guitar pump polish. Gibson has formulated the Pump Polish to be used on all nitro cellulose lacquer finishes. >More

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