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    Genzler MG800 Magellan Bass Guitar Amp

    NEW $799.99
    NON-NEW $679.95

    Inspired by the courage and spirit of exploration, the Genzler MG800 Magellan represents the pinnacle in the next generation in lightweight, high-output, versatile, bass amplification. >More


    Genzler BA10 Bass Array SLT Speaker Cab

    NEW $599.99

    Genzler is proud to offer the BA10-2 model to the innovative BASS ARRAY line of bass guitar cabinets that the company first introduced in 2015. Based upon the overwhelming success and popularity of this one-of-a-kind bass cabinet design, Genzler expanded these offerings to include this ultra-compact single 10" model. >More


    Genzler Acoustic Array PRO Acoustic Amp

    NEW $999.99

    Building upon their heritage in innovative acoustic amplification design and build, the Genzler Acoustic Array PRO brings a fresh, advanced approach to acoustic amplification. >More


    Genzler MG212T Magellan Bass Cabinet

    NEW $1,199.99

    The Genzler MG212T Magellan Bass Combo Amplifier cabinet design shares a heritage to many previous Jeff Genzler designs. This light-weight cabinet, constructed from 12mm and 15mm Baltic Birch plywood delivers powerful, full-body response with a modern, yet classic styling. >More


    Genzler MG350 Magellan Bass Amp

    NEW $469.99

    The Genzler MG350 Magellan is the little brother of the larger MAGELLAN 800 but only in relation to its smaller compact size. The MG-350 meets the same stringent design parameters for form, function, fit and finish as the larger MAGELLAN 800. >More


    Genzler Bass Array 12-3 SLANT Cabinet

    NEW $899.99

    Genzler announces the addition a SLANTED version of their innovative Bass Array 12-3 bass cabinet design. The Bass Array design first introduced 2 years ago is now offered in a slanted model BA12-3 SLT, to compliment the current straight design. >More


    Genzler BA210 Bass Array SLANT Cabinet

    NEW $1,139.99

    And the Genzler BA210 v3 SLT model utilizes a 6-degree slanted baffle providing increased projection upward towards the player and the audience. This unique cabinet shape also further reduces internal standing waves, which translates into an even clearer tonal experience. >More


    Genzler MG350 BA10 Bass Combo Pack

    NEW $999.99

    Genzler is proud to announce the addition of the MAGELLAN 350-BA10-COMBO to the line of compact, high powered bass amplifiers and cabinet. They've configured the MG-350 amplifier with the Bass Array 10-2 cabinet to be offered as an extremely small combo rig that delivers big output and tone. >More


    Genzler BA-210 Bass Array STRAIGHT Cab

    NEW $1,139.99
    NON-NEW $968.95

    The Genzler BA210 v3 is an extremely lightweight (38 lbs.) 500-watt, 8-ohm cabinet, offering those players who gravitate to the response of 10” drivers a more full-bodied, defined, musically smooth and seamless cabinet choice. >More


    Genzler BA410 Bass Array Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $1,599.99

    The Genzler BA410 v3 is an extremely compact and lightweight (55 lbs) 1000-watt, 4 ohm cabinet, and is ideal for those players that need the highest powered, most dynamic performance in a single, compact cabinet design. >More


    Genzler BA12 STR Bass Array Padded Cover

    NEW $79.99

    This is a premium padded cover offering a tailored fit for the Bass Array 12-3 STRAIGHT cabinet. A cover opening is offered for gripping the cabinets top mounted recessed bar handle and the cover is badged with embroidered Genzler and Bass Array logos. >More


    Genzler MG350 MG12TV

    NEW $1,259.99

    Genzler Amplification is proud to announce the addition of the MG350-MG12-COMBO to this line of compact, high powered bass amplifiers and cabinets. This design configures the MG-350 amplifier with the MG-12T-V, "vertical", 1 x 12" and tweeter cabinet, which delivers an extremely small, compact combo rig that delivers big output and tone of a 12" ported cabinet. This rig delivers 175 watts as the combo and with an additional MG-12T-V extension cabinet puts out 350 watts into this remarkable "high-boy" stack. >More


    Genzler M12TV Magellan

    NEW $799.99

    For the Magellan series of cabinets is this ultra-compact, light-weight, vertically designed MG-12T-V cabinet. One of the smallest 1 x 12" cabinet designs on the market, this 24 lb cabinet is constructed from 12mm and 15mm lite plywood materials, delivering powerful, full-body response with a modern, yet classic styling. >More


    Genzler Bass Array 12-3 STRAIGHT Cabinet

    NEW $899.99

    Genzler is proud to announce this update to the original BA12-3 design — the BA12-3 STR (straight version). Identical to the original straight cabinet design, this model now features a top-mounted recessed bar handle. >More


    Genzler Acoustic Array MINI Acoustic Amp

    NEW $699.99

    The Genzler AA-MINI offers a full featured preamp design with dedicated mic and instrument channels, a unique Contour circuit (Inst Ch), flexible EQ network, Digital Effects, a 100-Watt Class D power amplifier platform, unique angled cabinet shape, and a sophisticated speaker system design. >More

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