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    ADJ mydmx GO Lighting Control System

    NEW $279.99

    ADJ's myDMX GO is a revolutionary lighting control system that is extremely powerful and incredibly easy to use. It combines a uniquely intuitive app-based control surface with a compact interface that connects wirelessly to an iPad, Android or Amazon Fire tablet and provides a standard 3-pin XLR output for connection to a lighting system. >More


    ADJ myDMX 3 Lighting Controller

    NEW $339.99

    ADJ's myDMX 3.0 is a multi-platform DMX control software/hardware system (Windows and OSX Mac compatible). myDMX 3.0 has a robust hardware dongle and exciting features to take greater command of your lightshow. >More


    ADJ Airstream DMX Bridge Controller

    NEW $439.99

    The ADJ Airstream DMX Bridge is a powerful DMX control software for iOS mobile devices (iPad and iPhone) that may be downloaded from the App Store. The hardware creates a wireless WIFI DMX network to control DMX lighting fixtures. >More


    Chauvet Obey 70 DMX Lighting Controller

    NEW $169.99

    Bigger shows call for more accessibility and ease of programming. The Chauvet Obey 70 DMX Lighting Controller bridges the gap between smaller rack mount controllers and massive control desks. >More


    Pioneer DJ RB-DMX1 DMX Interface

    NEW $349

    Perform intuitive lighting patterns designed in rekordbox dj on all DMX512-supported lighting fixtures using Pioneer's RB-DMX1 dedicated interface. Create and save multiple configurations in Lighting mode, then use this convertor to quickly interface your PC or Mac to DMX fixtures from a wide variety of manufacturers. >More


    Chauvet Xpress 512 Plus DMX Controller

    NEW $749.99

    The Chauvet Xpress 512 Plus DMX Lighting Controller is a DMX-512 USB interface with multiple lighting options. Use it in conjunction with your PC or Mac to create unlimited light shows. >More


    Chauvet Obey 40 DMX Lighting Controller

    NEW $139.99

    The Chauvet Obey 40 is the next step up from the Obey 10, allowing for control of up to 12 fixtures at 16 channels each. With a slightly larger size comes a larger capacity: the Obey 40 has 30 banks on 8 scenes, or up to 240 scenes. The Obey 40 offers the flexibility of its little brother but also adds fog and strobe control and MIDI compatibility. >More


    Chauvet FlareCON Air Lighting Controller

    NEW $219.99

    The Chauvet FlareCON Air utilizes cell phones and tablets and turns them into wireless DMX controllers. It works with all Chauvet DJ Freedom series fixtures as well as all D-Fi products for versatile control over your rig. >More


    ADJ DMX Operator 384 Controller

    NEW $169.99

    The DMX Operator 384 is a 19-inch rack mount DMX hardware controller for lighting effects that are compatible with DMX protocol. It also doubles as a Midi trigger device. It will control up to 12 fixtures what 32 DMX channels each (384 total channels). >More


    ADJ MyDMX Buddy Software Control

    NEW $119.99

    myDMX Buddy is a scaled down, entry level version of American DJ myDMX 2.0. Out of the package, myDMX software will run in limited mode (No 3D visualizer, Easy Remote or Midi features). >More


    Chauvet Obey 6 Lighting Controller

    NEW $119.99

    Chauvet's Obey 6 is a universal, compact controller capable of controlling up to 6 channels per fixture. It allows you to control effects by simultaneously operating each fixture in different playback modes, with variable fade times. >More


    Chauvet IRC6 Infrared Remote Control

    NEW $29.99

    Chauvet's IRC-6 is an easy-to-use infrared remote control (IRC) for IRC compatible lighting fixtures. It provides instant access to pre-programmed scenes, color mixing options and on-the-fly speed adjustments. >More


    ADJ myDMX RM Lighting Controller

    NEW $399.99

    ADJ's myDMX-RM is a multi-platform DMX control software/hardware system (Windows and OSX Mac compatible). myDMX-RM has a robust, 19" rack mount, hardware dongle and exciting features to take greater command of your light show. >More


    ADJ WiFLY EXR Battery Light Controller

    NEW $199.99
    NON-NEW $161.95

    A true wireless solution! The ADJ WiFLY EXR Battery is a battery powered wireless DMX transceiver (transmitter/receiver in one) that is compatible with all ADJ WiFLY "EXR" products. >More


    Chauvet DJ D-Fi USB Wireless Transceiver

    NEW $59.99

    CHAUVET DJ has developed a series of fixtures that include a standard USB connection. You can now wirelessly connect to all of them using the D-Fi USB transceiver, which eliminates the need for any DMX cables. >More


    Chauvet D-Fi Hub Wireless Controller

    NEW $139.99

    D-Fi Hub is a compact, easy-to-use DMX unit that functions as either a transmitter or receiver. For more stable communication between units, it operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency range and includes an "auto" function which automatically finds the best frequency and syncs the units effortlessly. >More


    ADJ DP-415R Dimmer Switch Pack

    NEW $129.99

    The ADJ DP-415R is a compact, portable 4-channel DMX dimmer/switch pack that has eight 3-prong 15 Amp Edison socket (2 for each channel), allowing you to be able to control up to 8 fixtures. >More


    American DJ SC8 II System Controller

    NEW $119.99

    With the American DJ SC-8 Analog Lighting Controller System you will be able to set the tone of your party or performance with ease. This system is for non DMX lighting. By doing so it also eliminates messy cords and wires. Without worrying about wires and chords you can be focused on your show. >More


    Chauvet DJ Foot-C 2 Foot Controller

    NEW $169.99

    The Chauvet Foot-C is a compact 36-channel DMX foot controller that can control up to 6 six-channel fixtures and storing 12 sets of chases with up to 24 steps each. Ideal for 6-channel fixtures, it has a rugged guitar pedal-style buttons that can trigger auto and sound modes, as well as control chases and scenes. >More


    ADJ Media Master Express 4 Software

    NEW $899.99

    The ADJ Media Master Express Software is an easy way to program your video display. This software allows you take control with just a few clicks. ADJ Media Master Express is perfect for clubs, live DJ performances or LED installations. >More


    ADJ Hexcon DJ Lighting Controller

    NEW $129.99

    The ADJ HEXCON is a 36-channel DMX controller that was specifically designed for our "HEX Series" products. Up to 6 RGBAW+UV LED fixtures or fixture groups can independently be controlled via six fixture buttons. All ADJ HEX series fixtures or fixture groups must be set to run in DMX mode and be addressed at channels 1, 7, 13, 19, 25 and 31 to access independent fixture control. >More


    Chauvet OBEY3 DMX Lighting Controller

    NEW $59.99
    NON-NEW $46.95

    The Chauvet Obey 3 is a compact DMX controller for LED lights with Red, Green and Blue LEDs. Playback options include automated, sound-activated or manual RGB color mixing. The Obey 3 is a perfect controller for a lighting novice or someone who wants to easily control their LED washes. >More


    ADJ Compu Cue Basic Lighting Controller

    NEW $579.99
    NON-NEW $476.95

    The ADJ Compu Cue Basic is a lighting controller/interface that lets you connect your DMX lights to your computer for use with ADJ Compu Show software. The Compu Cue allows for limited 3D visualization while the Compu SDE interface allows for more advanced features, including 3D video with positioning, 2D set up views, and report management printing. >More


    American DJ RGBW 4D Lighting Controller

    NEW $89.99

    The ADJ RGBW4C IR is a 32-channel RGB, RGBW or RGBA LED controller. It was designed to control any standard 3 or 4 channel group of LED fixtures where channel 1 is Red, channel 2 is Green, channel 3 is Blue and channel 4 is White or Amber. >More


    American DJ DMX Operator Pro Controller

    NEW $344.99
    NON-NEW $271.95

    A 136 channel hybrid lighting control device designed for DJs, clubs, and small touring applications, the American DJ DMX Operator Pro Lighting Controller puts the control in your hands! >More


    SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface

    NEW $29

    With the SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface, you can simplify your lighting setup with a single USB to DMX connector for support of one DMX universe. >More


    ADJ LED RC2 Remote Controller

    NEW $23.99

    Control your lights wirelessly with the ADJ LED RC2. This remote can handle any task and offers an easy interface so you can focus on your performance instead of finding the right button. Eliminate any hassle by setting the right mood and use this remote to create a stunning show. >More


    ADJ Airstream Wi-Fi Pack

    NEW $99.99

    The ADJ AIRSTREAM WIFI PACK is a wireless device that allows your iPhone or iPad to control the eight outlets (ON/OFF) on the AIRSTREAM WIFI PACK. The AIRSTREAM WIFI PACK creates a private standalone WiFi network, no existing network infrastructure required. >More


    Chauvet DJ EZLink FSBT Foot Switch

    NEW $89.99
    NON-NEW $67.95

    Trigger lighting scenes without ever taking your hands off your instruments or mixers! EZLink FS BT is a convenient battery-powered footswitch with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology that provides hands-free triggering of lighting scenes exclusively in the BTAir app (patent pending). Quickly access previous scene, next scene and blackout. >More


    ADJ myDMX Amigo Lighting Controller

    NEW $49.95

    The ADJ myDMX Amigo is an entry-level DMX hardware dongle designed to work with myDMX 1 software. myDMX Amigo plugs directly into a 3-pin DMX input on your lighting fixture or can be connected to a standard, 3-pin DMX cable to extend your data run. >More


    Elation E-Fly Transceiver DMX Controller

    NEW $200

    The Elation E-FLY Transceiver is a high-powered wireless DMX Transceiver (Transmitter/Receiver in one) that is compatible with other E-FLY and products and includes a rechargeable battery, which provides a solution for remote applications where access to power is a challenge. >More


    American DJ RGB3C IR Lighting Controller

    NEW $57.99

    The ADJ RGB 3C IR is a basic 3-channel RGB LED controller. It was designed to control any standard 3 channel RGB fixture where channel 1 is Red, channel 2 is Green and channel 3 is Blue. >More


    American DJ RFC RF Remote Controller

    NEW $23.99

    RF (Radio frequency) wireless remote control compatible with specific ADJ products. >More


    ADJ Airstream IR Lighting Controller

    NEW $21.99

    The ADJ Airstream IR is an IR (infrared) adapter that plugs into the 1/8" headphone output of your Apple iPad/iPhone (sold separately) to control a variety of ADJ lighting fixtures. >More


    American DJ UC3 Switch Light Controller

    NEW $36.99

    The ADJ UC3 Remote Controller is an easy-to-use 3-switch controller for various American DJ fixtures. >More


    Chauvet DJ WMS Wireless Transmitter

    NEW $49.99
    NON-NEW $42.95

    The Chauvet DJ WMS is a wireless transmitter that automatically triggers compatible foggers with motion activation. Features convenient mounting options. Built-in delay time and sensitivity knobs offer excellent customization and control. Front-facing battery compartment allows quick battery changes. >More


    Elation Light Jockey 2 Lighting Software

    NEW $960

    The Elation Light LightJockey is a flexible, easy-to-use Windows-based controller package that includes a USB Interface Box. >More


    American DJ Scene Setter 48 Controller

    NEW $499.99

    The ADJ Scene Setter 48 Lighting Controller has all the same great features like the 24 channel Scene Setter... the only difference is that it incorporates 24 more individual faders. >More

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