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    Pioneer DDJ-1000 SRT DJ Controller

    NEW $1,299

    The 4-channel, Serato-ready Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT inherits the layout of the DDJ-1000, which is similar to a CDJ+DJM club standard set-up. All the same professional features are there too, including low-latency, full-size jog wheels from the CDJ-2000NXS2 and the slick Magvel fader for tight scratching. >More


    Pioneer DDJ-SX3 DJ Controller

    NEW $1,099 - $1,388.99
    NON-NEW $933.95

    Pioneer has upgraded one of their most popular DJ controllers to create the 4-channel DDJ-SX3. Designed for dedicated use with Serato DJ Pro (previously known as Serato DJ), the features and expanded connectivity of the new controller enable you to make smooth transitions between DJs, guest speakers, musical genres and individual tracks. >More


    Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 DJ Controller

    NEW $1,999 - $2,268.99
    NON-NEW $1,699

    The DDJ-SZ2 builds on the strong foundations of its predecessor, Pioneer's flagship DDJ-SZ controller. This upgrade to their flagship Serato DJ controller allows you to get hands on with more recent additions to Serato DJ, including key shift, key sync, pitch play and Serato Flip. They've improved the jog wheel latency to make scratching more responsive and precise and the multi-coloured performance pads give you instant feedback on playing status and pad modes. >More


    Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 DJ Controller

    NEW $699 - $948.99
    NON-NEW $593.95

    The Pioneer DDJ-SR2 has dedicated key controls for Serato DJ, allowing you to control the software features with the push of a button. This 2-channel controller takes after our professional DJ gear with multicolored Performance Pads and a spacious layout. >More


    Pioneer DDJ-1000 DJ Controller

    NEW $1,199 - $1,498.99
    NON-NEW $1,019


    Make the most of rekordbox dj's enhanced features with Pioneer's dedicated 4-channel DJ controller. Featuring the professional layout inherited from the flagship Pioneer NXS2 models, it's the portable, compact solution for performing at parties and events. The DDJ-1000 features high-definition LCD screens on each jog wheel, allowing you to keep your eyes intuitively on the deck. >More


    Rane Twelve DJ Controller

    NEW $799 - $1,038.99
    NON-NEW $718.95

    The Rane TWELVE is a simple, pure and powerful motorized DJ control system without the hassle of fragile needles and skipping tone arms. Keeping things consistent with a familiar turntable layout and size, the only clear differentiator is a precision, multi-function touch strip for track searching and setting or triggering hot cues in place of the tone arm. >More


    Numark NS7 MKIII Professional Controller

    NEW $1,299 - $1,678.99

    Numark's flagship NS7III controller is a premier four-deck controller for Serato DJ. Featuring three high-resolution color screens with a stackable waveform display and an interactive control surface, the NS7III forges a kinetic -- no, make that radioactive -- connection between the audience and your music. >More


    Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller

    NEW $249 - $448.99

    Pioneer has upgraded one of their most popular Serato DJ controllers to create the 2-channel DDJ-SB3, designed for dedicated use with Serato DJ Lite (previously known as Serato DJ Intro). The new controller offers an intuitive interface for beginner DJs to craft professional performances and improve their skills. >More


    Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 rekordbox Controller

    NEW $249 - $528


    The Pioneer DDJ-400 is the ideal piece of kit for first-time DJs. Its controls enable you to easily learn the basics, plus it's packed with features that will help you develop your skills. >More


    Denon DJ MCX8000

    NEW $1,299 - $1,688.99
    NON-NEW $1,099

    Take command of the DJ booth with the standalone MCX8000 and transform an ordinary set into a full concert experience. Two hi-definition display screens control Denon DJ's revolutionary standalone Engine 1.5 software and Serato DJ operation. >More


    Denon DJ MC7000 Pro DJ Controller

    NEW $999 - $1,228.99
    NON-NEW $898.95

    The Denon MC7000 is the professional DJ controller with 4-channel Serato DJ capability and dual USB connections. These two USB audio interfaces enable two DJs to play together (on their preferred DJ software) or 'hand off' in a truly seamless, uninterrupted manner. >More


    Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4

    NEW $999 - $1,108
    NON-NEW $719.95

    The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 is a next-generation 4-channel DJ system with Haptic Drive jog wheels, Mixer FX, and full integration with Traktor Pro 3. >More


    Numark NVII Dual Display DJ Controller

    NEW $699 - $758.99
    NON-NEW $594.95

    The Numark NV II with its sleek design, seasoned with red and white colors, really grabs your attention. But it's so much more -- it improves on the superior performance of the original NV! Suited and tailored with an eye-catching symmetrical design, the NV II features an upgraded layout with clear markings for fast, responsive operation. >More


    Pioneer DDJ-800 DJ Controller

    NEW $899 - $1,178
    NON-NEW $799.95


    Take a pro setup wherever you go with the Pioneer DDJ-800, a new compact 2-channel DJ performance controller for dedicated use with Pioneer DJ's professional performance application, Rekordbox DJ. The DDJ-800 is designed to help you get the most from Rekordbox. >More


    Numark NS6II Professional DJ Controller

    NEW $799 - $858.99
    NON-NEW $719.95

    The Numark NS6II DJ controller builds on the NS6's amazing legacy of innovation and performance and delivers to you a truly iconic 4-channel DJ controller, now with two USB outs and built-in hi-res screens! >More


    Roland DJ-808 Professional DJ Controller

    NEW $1,299.99 - $1,498.99
    NON-NEW $1,169

    The DJ-808 is a state-of-the-art DJ controller with a 4-channel mixer, built-in drum sequencing, vocal processing, and the deepest Serato DJ integration available. >More


    Roland DJ-505 Professional DJ Controller

    NEW $599.99 - $759.99

    The Roland DJ-505 is a two-channel, four-deck Serato DJ controller that blends the advanced performance capabilities of Serato DJ with the legendary sounds and sequencing of Roland's TR-808, TR-909, TR-606, and TR-707 drum machines. >More


    Denon DN-MC6000Mk2 DJ Mixer USB Control

    NEW $699


    The DN-MC6000Mk2 is Denon DJ's next generation, flagship professional DJ controller and digital mixer. >More


    Denon DJ MC-4000 Pro DJ Controller

    NEW $399 - $618.99

    The Denon MC4000 is an exciting addition to Denon DJ's distinguished line of professional DJ products. Featuring a sleek new design and inviting appearance, the MC4000 continues Denon DJ's reputation for innovative features, dependability, unrivaled sound quality and peerless value. >More


    Roland DJ-202 Professional DJ Controller

    NEW $299.99 - $339.98


    The Roland DJ-202 is a forward-thinking Serato DJ Intro controller that gives DJs the features and layout of a full-size professional controller in a rugged and portable unit. The compact DJ-202 preserves the concept of the flagship DJ-808 and streamlined DJ-505, allowing unparalleled flexibility to DJ, remix, and produce beats on the fly while performing live or creating in the studio. >More


    Pioneer DDJ-RZX DJ and Video Controller

    NEW $2,999 - $3,398
    NON-NEW $2,549

    Visualize your sets with the Pioneer DDJ-RZX controller for rekordbox video. Designed for DJs on the road, it comes with three 7-inch touch screens that let you close your laptop and get intuitive control over audio and video features in rekordbox dj and rekordbox video directly from the hardware. >More


    Reloop Mixon 4 DJ Controller

    NEW $799.99

    In close collaboration with Serato and Algoriddim, Reloop proudly presents the first hybrid performance controller that fuses the two acclaimed DJ softwares with a multi-platform concept. >More


    Gemini G4V DJ Controller with Interface

    NEW $399.95
    NON-NEW $339.95

    The Gemini G4V transforms the standard DJ MIDI device into a dynamic and formidable software performance controller. Within its fully metal enclosure are 2 full-featured physical DJ decks that allow complete control of 4 virtual software decks. >More


    Mixars Primo DJ Controller and Mixer

    NEW $649.99
    NON-NEW $467.95

    The Mixars Primo is an all-in-one two channel controller for Serato DJ Pro with 4-deck control. The eight multicolor performance pads on each deck control a variety of functions including Hot Cues, Loop Roll, Slicer, and Sampler. >More


    Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2

    NEW $339

    The is Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 DJ Controller the no-compromise 2-deck DJ system for Mac and PC, and it is also fully integrated with TRAKTOR DJ for iPad and iPhone – add tactile, physical control to your iOS DJ setup. >More


    Numark Mixtrack Platinum USB

    NEW $289
    NON-NEW $269.95

    The Highly-Anticipated Mixtrack Platinum DJ controller. Setting the pace as the world's leading innovator of DJ equipment and technologies, Numark presents the Mixtrack Platinum DJ controller. >More


    Reloop Beatpad 2 DJ Controller

    NEW $729.99

    The BeatPad 2 from Reloop is the only professional and truly reliable cross-platform controller that is able to completely utilize the full potential of the award-winning DJAY 2 mixing software from Algoriddim. >More


    Native Instruments Traktor S8 Controller

    NEW $1,199 - $1,350

    Experience an innovative way to mix and perform with TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 -- a 4-channel stand-alone mixer, professional audio interface, and enhanced performance decks for ultimate control over the included TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO software. >More


    Pioneer RMX 1000 Remix Station Control

    NEW $799

    The Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station Performance DJ Controller is an innovative technologically advanced device for enhancing DJ performances with its ability to create and add a variety of unique remix effects, as well as rhythmic sampling capabilities. >More


    Numark MixTrack Pro 3 USB DJ Controller

    NEW $229

    From Numark, the world's leading innovator of DJ equipment and technologies, comes the incredible MIXTRACK PRO 3 DJ controller, designed with the skilled, professionally-aspiring DJ in mind. >More


    Pioneer DDJ-200 DJ Controller

    NEW $149

    Enter the world of DJing with the DDJ-200, Pioneer's smartphone- and iPhone-compatible smart DJ controller. The DDJ-200 makes it easy to start DJing with the help of the Tutorial feature in the free app "WeDJ for iPhone (ver. 2.0)", which you can download for free from the App Store. >More


    Numark PartyMix DJ Controller

    NEW $99

    No matter what your skill level you can get any party started with the Numark Party Mix! This entry-level DJ Controller connects directly to your laptop and lets you play and mix all of your favorite songs and videos with the included DJ software. >More


    Hercules DJ Starter Kit

    NEW $199.99

    The Hercules DJStarter kit is a comprehensive, easy-to-carry and easy-to-install solution including the Hercules DJControl Starlight controller, Hercules DJMonitor 32 speakers, HDP DJ M40.2 headphones and Serato DJ Lite. >More


    Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4 Compact DJ Controller

    NEW $299
    NON-NEW $253.95

    Be the DJ: Meet the DDJ-WeGO4 - Laptop and iPad-compatible portable DJ controller Want to start DJing? Look no further than the DDJ-WeGO4 - the perfect piece of hardware for beginner DJs to step into the world of mixing. >More


    Pioneer DDJ-XP1 Sub Controller

    NEW $249 - $528


    Whether you use turntables, multi-players or external devices, the Pioneer DDJ-XP1 DJ Sub Controller will bring a different sphere of creative possibilities to your DJ performances. >More


    Numark DJ2GO2 Pocket DJ Controller

    NEW $79
    NON-NEW $66.95

    The Numark DJ2GO2 Pocket DJ Controller with Audio Interface allows you to easily conquer your inner DJ anywhere, anytime! It's equipped with a built-in sound card and Serato DJ intro (Serato DJ upgrade ready), which makes this the smallest DJ controller around. >More


    Roland DJ-707M DJ Controller

    NEW $999.99

    The Roland DJ-707M is a four-channel, four-deck Serato DJ Pro controller engineered for the perfect balance of functionality and portability. Offering a massive amount of control and I/O in a compact package, the DJ-707M is perfect for professional DJs performing at large- and small-scale parties, clubs, and events. >More


    Pioneer DDJ-SP1 DJ Sub-Controller

    NEW $329 - $333.95
    NON-NEW $295.95

    The Pioneer DDJ-SP1 sub-controller is designed for Serato software users, specifically for Serato DJ. The DDJ-SP1 is a slim and compact sub-controller that uses multiple performance pads, controls, buttons, and knobs to trigger a variety of unique audio samples and effects. >More


    American Audio VMS2 DJ Controller

    NEW $299.99
    NON-NEW $254.95

    The American Audio VMS2 is a 2 channel MIDI controller and audio interface compatible with any MIDI DJ software. >More


    Pioneer DDJ-RZ Pro DJ Controller

    NON-NEW $1,529

    The top-flight Pioneer DDJ-RZ is the first professional, native controller for rekordbox dj, giving you the flexibility to prepare your tracks in rekordbox and then get plug-and-play performance directly from your laptop. >More

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