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    Blizzard Laser Blade G Light

    NEW $474.99

    The Blizzard Laser Blade is a powerful, compact moving head fixture with lightning fast 540 degree pan & 270 degree tilt, and equipped with a 50mW, CLASS 3R fat beam laser with 15KPPS galvo scanners for smooth shapes, animations, and more for jaw dropping effects! >More


    Blizzard LB Hex Unplugged Battery Light

    NEW $209.99

    Meet the LB Hex Unplugged: one incredibly powerful LED wash fixture! Featuring 6x 6-watt RGBAW+UV LEDs plus a lithium-ion battery system, it delivers smooth, rich colors for up to 15 hours on a single charge. >More


    Blizzard HotStik EXA Stage Light

    NEW $409.99

    The Blizzard HotStik EXA Stage Light is a RGBAW+UV LED Wash Fixture With 12x totally bright 15-watt RGBAW+UV 6-in-1 LEDs. The HotStik EXA fixtures give you the ability to create any rich, vibrant color you can possibly imagine, then you can even add ultraviolet light to the mix to give it an eerie hue. >More


    Blizzard Flurry EXA Light

    NEW $449.99

    The Flurry EXA builds on one of Blizzard's most popular, super affordable moving head washes, the Flurry Series and takes it to the next level with 4x 15-watt 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs for pure, immaculate, and richly saturated color mixing. >More


    Blizzard Weather System EXA Stage Lights

    NEW $839.99
    NON-NEW $679.95

    The Weather System EXA is Blizzard's powerful and portable lighting system with eight individually controllable LED fixtures, each with 3x 15W high-intensity 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs. >More


    Blizzard AtmosFEAR Tour HZ Haze Machine

    NEW $764.99
    NON-NEW $649.95

    Meet the AtmosFEAR Tour HZ, a professional, tour-ready, 1,000-watt haze machine that is capable of producing up to 8,000 cubic ft. per minute of continuous quality haze output. It is the perfect solution for applications of any size and scale. >More


    Blizzard SnowBlind Stage Light

    NEW $164.99

    SnowBlind is the ultra-cool, ultra-white LED strobe fixture that really packs a punch! Fitted with 18 high-power 1W cool white LEDs, it's impressively bright. The SnowBlind features full range brightness/intensity adjustment, rate of strobe (speed), and internal microphone sensitivity that are fully controllable by just 3 channels of DMX, or by its easy to use 4-button LED control panel menu. >More


    Blizzard Hypno Beam Light

    NEW $574.99

    The Blizzard Hypno Beam is an LED beam moving head with hypnotic LED rings designed to transfix your audience. It comes loaded with a high-output 60W RGBW LED in the center for stunning 8 degree moving beam effects, then, the center LED is surrounded by 2x LED rings that can perform mesmerizing chase effects, single LED chases, full color changes, and strobe. >More


    Blizzard Hypno Spot Light

    NEW $574.99

    Hypno Spot is an LED spot moving head designed to transfix your audience! It comes loaded with a high-output 30W white LED in the center for stunning 4.7 degree beam effects with a 9 filter color wheel +open and 9 gobos +open. >More


    Blizzard Steam HZ Water-Based Haze Fluid

    NEW $29.99

    Blizzard Steam HZ is a pro water-based haze fluid created to enhance lighting performance. It produces a translucent blanket of haze with a long hang time, creating much longer-lasting effects with much less fluid. >More


    Blizzard Snake Eyes Mini Light

    NEW $474.99

    SNAKE EYES MINI - Moving head with 6* CREE 10-watt RGBW LEDs, each with a 9* beam angle. Its 630* pan and infinite tilt can make a stage full of colored beams with ease, along with its eye-catching 12* RGB LED strips (found on the cube head edges) that can run automatically. >More


    Blizzard Drop PC Power Drop Box

    NEW $99.99

    Drop power drop boxes are designed to give you safe and reliable power connections anywhere you need it, quickly and easily. Like all magnificent things, it's simple! These stage power drop boxes come in your choice of either the PC (powerCON compatible), or TRUE (powerCON TRUE1 compatible.) >More


    Blizzard SkyBox 5 Stage Light

    NEW $504.99

    The Blizzard SkyBox 5 Stage Light is Lithium-Ion Battery Powered and includes a built-In 2.4 GHz Wireless DMX. >More


    Blizzard LB Par CSI Light

    NEW $149.99

    A high-output ultraviolet LED PAR can fitted with 18x super-bright 1W LEDs, the LB PAR CSI is ideal for clubs and mobile DJs. It can create an intense ultraviolet wash and dish out stunning blacklight strobe effects. >More


    Blizzard HotBox RGBA Stage Light

    NEW $219.99

    Ah, the box... one of the most useful, time tested, and attractive 3-dimensional shapes ever created is once again new and improved! Just like its big brother the RokBox, the Blizzard HotBox RGBA Stage Light also offers cutting-edge 4-in-1 LEDs, advanced electronics, a rock solid super-cool aluminum casing with dual hanging brackets and secure grip locking knobs, but in an even more compact/portable cute little package! >More


    Blizzard HotBox EXA Stage Light

    NEW $294.99

    Set the stage ablaze with the endless 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV color mixing abilities of the Blizzard HotBox EXA Stage Light! >More


    Blizzard GMAX 150 Light

    NEW $1,599.99

    Gotta have it brighter, faster, stronger, longer? Then you gotta have the G-Max150. With an eyeball-ripping 150-watt LED light source and a bag filled with lighting goodies, G-Max150 is built to impress, and do it for less! >More

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