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    Acoustic Foam and Panels 22 products


    Primacoustic London 12 Room Kit

    NEW $799.99

    The Primacoustic Broadway London 12 room kit is designed for rooms of approximately 120 sq ft (11 sq m), or can be combined with other products to treat larger spaces. >More


    Auralex Project 2 Roominator Kit

    NEW $941.99

    Nobody else ever did it for you, so Auralex took the guesswork out of acoustics and made it easy and affordable to improve your sound! >More


    Auralex 2 Wedgie 12X12 Tile (24 Pack)

    NEW $145.99

    Auralex's most popular seller and best overall performer, the 2 in. Studiofoam wedge, treats most small- to medium-sized areas including vocal booths, control rooms, and studios. >More


    Primacoustic London 10 Room Kit

    NEW $524.99

    The Primacoustic Broadway London 10 room kit is designed for rooms of approximately 100 sq ft (9.3 sq m), or can be combined with other products to treat larger spaces. Whether you are building a recording studio, home theatre, or Boardroom, these easy-to-use kits are a perfect place to start. >More


    Auralex MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pad

    NEW $54.99 - $99.98

    MoPADs are affordable, easy to implement, and really effective at decoupling your monitors from your room and all its contents. You've gotta get some! Until you do, you'll never know what your recordings really sound like. >More


    Primacoustic London 8 Room Kit

    NEW $249.99

    The Primacoustic Broadway London 8 room kit is designed for rooms under 100 sq ft (9.3 sq m), or can be combined with other products to treat larger spaces. >More


    Auralex Alpha DST Roominator Kit

    NEW $662.99

    Fresh off the success of the best-selling Alpha 1 kit, Auralex introduces the sleek Alpha-DST Roominators Kit. Not only will the Alpha-DST take the guesswork out of acoustics, it also improves the sound of everything you record! >More


    Auralex D36 Roominator Kit

    NEW $269.99

    Roominator-DST Kits span a wide variety of applications, addressing the acoustic and aesthetic needs of the small project studio as well as the most demanding professional mix/mastering environments. >More


    Auralex Studiofoam Acoustic Wedges

    NEW $6.08

    Auralex's most popular seller and best overall performer, the 2" Studiofoam wedge, treats most small to medium sized areas - including vocal booths, control rooms, and studios. >More


    Auralex LENRD Bass Traps

    NEW $251.99

    LENRD stands for Low-End Node ReductionDevice. As you may know, a resonance bump in a room's frequency response is called a room node. Now, thanks to LENRD Bass Traps, you can achieve the low frequency sound control other companies can't give you! >More


    On-Stage Foam Speaker Platforms

    NEW $13.95 - $25.95

    By decoupling studio monitors from their workspace, the On-Stage Foam Speaker Platforms isolate the true tone and frequency range of playback recordings. >More


    Primacoustic Stratus Ceiling CLoud

    NEW $259.99
    NON-NEW $219.95

    The Primacoustic Stratus is an acoustical device that suspends above the recording console to control early reflections, flutter echo and help eliminate standing waves that cause resonant peaks in the critical mix position. >More


    Primacoustic Cumulus Tri-Corner

    NEW $129.99

    Even though acousticians have long identified the benefits of treating the tri-corner, the difficulty of mounting acoustic panels in corners and a lack of ideal mounting options have discouraged people from taking advantage of this prime room location. >More


    Auralex SUBDUDE Subwoofer Platform

    NEW $70.99

    The Auralex SubDude-II is a lower profile version of the classic SubDude and is perfect for small subwoofers in home theaters and hi-fi systems. This patented isolation platform features a stylish velour covering over an inert structural layer that floats on a cushion of acclaimed Auralex Platfoam. >More


    Auralex 2SF22 Studiofoam-22 Wedges

    NEW $290.99

    Wedges are great 2-inch absorbers for those areas needing spot treatment or a specific installation design with 12x12-inch panels; they're popular in recording spaces and home listening environments. Wedges feature maximized surface area for greater exposure to sound waves and offer much greater flame retardancy & longevity than similar products (flame retardency on Auralex products has been independently tested as the best in the industry). Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.75 >More


    On-Stage ASP3500 Acoustical Wall Panel

    NEW $39.95

    On-Stage Acoustic Panels are designed to reduce reflections and flutter echo in listening areas such as spaces for recording or rehearsal, music rooms, control rooms, and home theaters. >More


    Ultimate Acoustics UAIS100 Isolator Pad

    NEW $44.95

    When it comes to getting the right sound, everyone knows that having the right reference monitors for your space is one of the most critical elements to getting the sound the way you hear it in your head. >More


    Ultimate Acoustics UA-FE-2 Acoustic Foam

    NEW $9.99 - $119.88

    Ultimate Acoustics' UA-FE-2 is the perfect compliment to any acoustic treatment installation. This acoustic foam edging defines clean lines in corners of rooms where walls meet walls and walls meet ceilings, providing an edge for acoustic treatment to be installed next to. >More


    Ultimate Acoustics Hexagonal Panel Pair

    NEW $99.99

    Designed for users looking to treat unique problems in the listening room, as well as to lend a personal touch to any creative space-the Hex Series absorption panels from Ultimate Acoustics offer a stylish and affordable option for adding a personal touch to your problem solving. >More


    Ultimate Acoustics UA-WPBV-24 Wall Foam

    NEW $399.96

    The UA-WPBV-24 professional Absorption Panel is the perfect blend of form and function for acoustically treating small, medium or large spaces. The beveled edges give an elegant, custom designed look to any decor, while the solid foam base provides maximum control of troublesome low to mid frequencies. >More


    Auralex 2x4x2 in. Studio Foam Wedge

    NEW $289.99

    Use Auralex Studiofoam wedge panels to treat small-to-medium-sized areas including vocal booths, control rooms and tracking studios >More


    Auralex 2PYR22 2 inch Pyramid SmarkPak

    NEW $323.99

    2 in. Studiofoam Pyramids are a perfect combination of looks and great sound. Pyramids offer tons of versatility, provide virtually seamless installations, supply a bit of extra diffusion due to their 4-sided geometry, and give a really cool look to your studio. If you want to your place to look upscale and distinctive, you should give Studiofoam Pyramids strong consideration. They look absolutely fabulous! >More

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