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What's an Affiliate Program?

The SameDayMusic affiliate program is an easy way for musicians and webmasters alike to earn great money promoting musical instruments online. When you link your web site to SameDayMusic and send customers our way, we pay you top dollar commissions on purchases these visitors make.

If you send a user our way who subsequently purchases a popular Roland digital multitrack, you could earn at least $100 on that sale alone! From small accessories to guitars to full computer workstations, each sale adds up to one big paycheck with your name on it.

In addition to the base referral rate, you can earn huge bonuses with SameDayMusic through the GearLink affiliate program. Here is a breakdown of our commission and bonus structure:

Total earnings opportunity: 10% commission!

  • 5% base commission rate for all products
  • Monthly net sales > $2,500 earn 30% bonus on commission
  • Monthly net sales > $5,000 earn 60% bonus on commission
  • Monthly net sales > $10,000 earn 100% bonus on commission
  • Bonus rate is determined each month when commissions are paid

1 year "cookie" (1-yr period in which sale is credited to the affiliate if they are most recent referrer)

High conversion rate: SameDayMusic offers a number of customer benefits to increase conversion - these benefit your conversion rate!

  • Free shipping on many high-dollar items
  • Guaranteed same day shipment or a cash payment
  • Guaranteed lowest prices and 60-day price protection
  • When customers find SameDayMusic, they know it will deliver for them, and that will deliver solid sales conversions and commissions for you!

To be eligible for the bonus, a website (or a group of websites that behave as one website for the user) must promote SameDayMusic exclusively. If you have any questions about this, please contact us!

Once you've sent the customers our way, SameDayMusic handles the important and difficult work of making the sale, collecting the payment, and shipping out the order - but they make it look easy. They take care of all the customer service and support, and report the final sale info to your account. You only need to send the customers over, and let them know that SameDayMusic is the best place on the web to buy musical instruments. And we have to admit, we think they're great at it! (And according to independent surveys of their customers, SameDayMusic's customers agree.)

What makes SameDayMusic and its affiliate program so special?

SameDayMusic's customers know exactly what to expect: speed, service, and security. SameDayMusic offers the products they want, the prices they love, and a guarantee that ensures their trust in our service.

Beyond their commitment to customers, SameDayMusic helps us offer our affiliates all the tools they need to become successful affiliate marketers. We offer a free data feed with images, short descriptions, prices and more, an intuitive click/sales report section, top quality graphic banners and buttons, and helpful, communicative affiliate managers. Due to patent-pending technology that we've licensed, we even track sales by phone and make sure you receive credit for the sale. You won't see that in many referral programs.

There are no costs to join, no risks to being an affiliate.

Signing up to the GearLink affiliate program for SameDayMusic is 100% free, and the tools you need to start earning commissions are available to you right away. Just add links, banners, and other affiliate tools to your web site and you're in business. If you decide that the program is not right for you, you can cancel right away or at any time with no obligation or risk.

SameDayMusic makes it easy to convert the customers you send them into sales.

SameDayMusic has an easily navigable website; a simple, yet secure shopping cart; and an educated, top rated support team. It's so easy for our customers to find what they want, and only takes a few minutes to complete the order once they're there. With other resellers, a long and complicated ordering process drives sales away - or to the telephone - and loses commissions for you. We keep it simple, and we keep money in your pocket.

SameDayMusic Shipping Guarantee

SameDayMusic ships fast-- really fast. And for the most part, they're fast and free. When we say "same day music", we mean just that. If a customer places a valid order before 2:00p.m. Eastern Standard Time, we'll ship their order that same day. And if we make a mistake and the order does not ship, we'll pay the customer $50. We're serious about our services, and our customers pick up on that right away.

SameDayMusic sells the products your users want, and stocks to meet that demand.

SameDayMusic carries the most recognizable brands of the most relevant products. From guitars to keyboards, speakers to recording gear, SameDayMusic offers a huge, multi-million dollar inventory to our customers. Using our product feed, you can offer the full catalog or design your own custom store around your users needs. These are the brands that users call for, that people search for.

We provide the tools you need to run a successful affiliate site.

SameDayMusic offers high quality graphic banners, buttons, and text ads to help you drive traffic our way. We also offer a dynamically updated product data feed, that includes product images, short descriptions, prices, stock information, and links pre-coded with your affiliate code. The product data feed is a great way for you to populate and merchandise your affiliate site. GearLink also offers accurate click/sale reports in your affiliate portal, which is an effective way to make sure your site is running the way you expect it should.

Become An Affiliate

Aside from GearLink's in-house affiliate program, we welcome ShareASale affiliates to join our program. If you're already a ShareASale affiliate, you can get up and running with GearLink and SameDayMusic in no time. To join the ShareASale program, visit the ShareASale merchant page here.